Bad Hair Day Feat. Parisian Pumps


A “paint-splattered” Parisian, just like the one featured on top,  is one of my favorites but this day, I feel like I want to chop off its heels. Haha. I am so tired going back and forth to school and somewhere else here in Intramuros, yet I haven’t still accomplished a single thing: my Rizal assignment, which is to pose in some landmarks here in Intramuros where Rizal had some “memories” and the completion exam in English. Duh! Such a bad hair day. And, here I am, blogging. Whew :]]




The 2013 Beauty Report: Bold, Red Lips At The 38th Metro Manila Film Festival Awards Night


Angel Locsin with boyfie Phil Younghusband


Susan Roces and Grace Poe-Llamanzares


Host KC Concepcion and Sisteraka’s Kris Aquino


The dashing Sunshine Cruz-Montano :]



Maria is Back!


Well, after a long hiatus, Maria is definitely back. Wooh!

New theme. New Perspectives. New Stories. New takes. It’s new year, and Maria is all geared up.

Since I find my previous theme boring, I searched the theme gallery of WordPress. Browsing through countless themes and going through live previews coupled with the stressing super slow Internet connection, I think I came up with something friendly to the eye. Aside from that, I did a major overhaul on my sidebar and added relevant widgets and menus which would be useful to the navigation of the site. What can you say?

Content wise, I am launching a series, which I would entitle as The Young Hearts Series, where in I would blog all about my activities as  a member of a texter’s clan. In like manners, I will be creating a series on romance. Nah, call that a novel. This is to try my capabilities of being a writer.

And since I am such a non-fan of the camera, I will be using Anna Kendrick as my poster girl in my blog. Ain’t she so beautiful? Not so princess-ey, but strong. Hmm.

Expect more from maria narida celina for the coming months as I bring you more classified, updated and relevant news and information  with a bit of my opinions on the side. So, how about joining me in the ride this year of the water snake? :]]