Maria is Back!


Well, after a long hiatus, Maria is definitely back. Wooh!

New theme. New Perspectives. New Stories. New takes. It’s new year, and Maria is all geared up.

Since I find my previous theme boring, I searched the theme gallery of WordPress. Browsing through countless themes and going through live previews coupled with the stressing super slow Internet connection, I think I came up with something friendly to the eye. Aside from that, I did a major overhaul on my sidebar and added relevant widgets and menus which would be useful to the navigation of the site. What can you say?

Content wise, I am launching a series, which I would entitle as The Young Hearts Series, where in I would blog all about my activities as  a member of a texter’s clan. In like manners, I will be creating a series on romance. Nah, call that a novel. This is to try my capabilities of being a writer.

And since I am such a non-fan of the camera, I will be using Anna Kendrick as my poster girl in my blog. Ain’t she so beautiful? Not so princess-ey, but strong. Hmm.

Expect more from maria narida celina for the coming months as I bring you more classified, updated and relevant news and information  with a bit of my opinions on the side. So, how about joining me in the ride this year of the water snake? :]]




Windows 8 Picture Password: Simply Intriguing

Draw on a favorite picture to sign in.

I first read about it on newspaper. Then I did some Internet research. Quietly, I’m intrigued (I’m not a techie, by the way, that explains it xD)

Set up your getures / A circle is shown around the man's head, a dot on the nose of figure on left, a line between the nose of the two figures on right.

Anyway, the password consists of three gestures into the picture, and to which some computations take place, after which it opens. The computations that happens just make me laugh. Just laugh xD.

Click here for more on windows 8.



Samsung 75″ LED 9000 Series Smart TV:The Ultimate Viewing Experience

Samsung recently launched a new TV in it’s SMART TV series, a 75″ LED TV.

The 75-inch ES-9000’s picture quality provides an enhanced Smart TV experience, utilizing Micro Dimming Ultimate and Precision Black Local Dimming technology to deliver richer, more optimized color and detail. It is the highest contrast ratio on a Samsung Smart TV to date and the best picture quality available on a Samsung LED TV. The ES-9000 also delivers a stunning design, incorporating a beautiful rose-gold-colored finish and super-slim 0.31 inches curved bezel with no visible seams.
The 75” ES-9000 delivers a stunning new design concept incorporating a beautiful rose-gold colored finish and super-slim 0.31” curved bezel with no visible seams.
For more on the Samsung 75″ LED 9000 Series Smart TV, visit the Samsung website.